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We advise on procedures, policies and compliance. We help you ensure compliance with ever changing legislation and obligations to employees


In representing employers, we offer professional and expert representation from beginning to end


‘A Protected Employee is a Protected Employer’

It’s as simple as that!

Or is it? As an employer you face a continually evolving work environment due to the constantly changing employment legislation. JHR Solutions offer training and consultancy that aims to ensure that employers are informed, up to date and compliant with all employment legislation. JHR Solutions provide a one stop shop to achieving this through a range of training options to suit the employer’s needs and areas of business. JHR Solutions offer advice, flexibility, confidentiality and experience in both our training and consultancy.

Many small to medium employers do not have in house HR or legal departments and as a result often fall behind in their obligations to their employees and are exposed to possible litigation. JHR Solutions believe in avoiding litigation, which is costly, disruptive to the business and unwelcome publicity. Those with responsibility for all employee matters can benefit hugely from our training and this benefits the company. Equally, consulting with an employment law consultant can be a fast and efficient way of ensuring you are compliant and operating best practices in your workplace.

Where you find yourself with an urgent employment matter, JHR Solutions offer a 999 service and will ensure you are advised within twenty four hours about the next steps to be taken.

So yes, it is as simple as that, a protected employee is a protected employer.

To contact JHR Solutions, phone us directly or go to the contact page and send us your query. We will contact you in your preferred way within 24 hours.